Club Constitution

Club Constitution


The name of the Club shall be “Mountrath & District Camera Club” and may be abbreviated to MDCC.


The club is for photography enthusiasts of all levels and abilities aged 18 and over.  MDCC aims to assist its members and members of the public who are interested in photography in the following ways;

  • Holding regular Club Meetings in an informal and welcoming environment where the Club will present lectures, presentations, etc., which will stimulate and encourage the Members to improve their skill levels.
  • Holding internal competitions and workshops.
  • From time to time organise exhibitions of photographic work produced by Club Members and organise outings or other such events which will provide the membership with opportunities to improve their skill.
  • To encourage, assist and facilitate Club Members to apply for and achieve internationally recognised distinctions and/or merit awards.
  • Compete nationally both as a Club and as Individual Members.


A ‘Club Year’ or season shall be one calendar year beginning on the first day of January and ending on the last day of December of the same year.  This will also be the Club’s Financial Year.

Ordinary Club Meetings shall be held at least twice a month, currently every second Tuesday.  The Club Committee may, when deemed necessary, suspend the holding of Ordinary Club Meetings.


The Club shall be affiliated to the national accreditation body, The Irish Photographic Federation (IPF), and any other bodies which the Members and/or Club Committee feel would be of benefit to the club and its members.


Full membership of MDCC shall be open to persons aged 18 and over interested in photography and who agree to abide by the rules and regulations/constitution of the Club.

Members are expected to provide up to date and correct full names, addresses, phone numbers, private email (not business) addresses (where applicable) and emergency contact information to cover unforeseen situations.  Should any of these details change during the course of the Club Year, the Member is responsible for informing the Club Secretary of any new details.

Potential Members may visit the club twice (their first visit being free) where upon they can join at the designated subscription.

New Members are required to fill out a Membership Application Form and return it to the Secretary accompanied by the Annual Membership Fee.

Membership Fees shall be agreed at the AGM and shall be payable on application for membership or by current Members at the AGM for the year ahead.

Membership shall lapse where the Annual Membership Fee remains unpaid after January 31st.  Members are responsible for renewing their own membership, with a minimum of one reminder issued to Members at the start of the Club Year.

It shall be a requirement of continued membership that all Members conduct themselves in a manner that will not bring the Club into disrepute.

Any Club Member whose conduct is considered by the Club Committee to be detrimental to the interests of the Club may be expelled by any of the following;

1             A resolution of the Club Committee supported by at least ten Members of MDCC;

2             A simple Majority at an Annual General Meeting;

3             A simple Majority at an Extraordinary General Meeting called for this purpose;

provided that any such Member be afforded an opportunity to make a submission on their own behalf.

On termination of membership, for any cause whatsoever, the Member shall forfeit all rights and claims upon the Club, its property and its funds.

Members partaking in outings do so at their own risk and expense.

No Club Member shall make representations on behalf of/in the name of the Club without the consent of the Club Committee.

No Club Member shall be absolved from such general rules as in this document by reason of his or her not having read same, or any alteration made therein or having otherwise no notice of them.

The Club Committee

The management of MDCC and the Club funds shall be vested in the Committee consisting of:

Chairperson                                     Preside over meetings (Club and Committee), to attend all                                                                    Club Committee and Annual General Meetings, to delegate                                                                  tasks, serve as the club liaison, and perform other duties                                                                      essential to the club.

Assistant Chairperson                    Assist the Chairperson and will take over the Chairperson’s                                                                  duties whenever the Chairperson is temporarily absent.

Secretary                                          To conduct all correspondence of the Club.  To attend all Club                                                              Committee and Annual General Meetings and to record and                                                                keep such minutes and circulate the minutes of Club Meetings                                                            to the Club Committee within three weeks of the meeting                                                                      and/or a week before the next Club Committee Meeting.  In                                                                  the absence of a Membership Secretary, the Club Secretary                                                                  will keep an up to date record of the contact details of                                                                            all members of the Club.  The Secretary shall compile and                                                                      provide the information required by the Webmaster for the                                                                  Website’s content and shall update all other online social                                                                      media.

Assistant Secretary                         Assist the Secretary and will take over the Secretary’s                                                                              duties whenever the Secretary is temporarily absent.

Treasurer                                          The Treasurer shall receive and pay all monies due on behalf                                                              of the Club and keep records of the Club’s monies and                                                                          transactions.  At all times the Treasurer should be in                                                                              possession of the Club’s cheque book.  All cheques are to be                                                                signed by the Treasurer and one other authorised signature.  A                                                            cheque beneficiary shall not write or sign a cheque.  In the                                                                    event of the Treasurer being the beneficiary, then the                                                                            Chairperson and one other authorised signature shall sign the                                                            cheque.  Non Committee Members shall not write or sign                                                                      cheques from the Club’s cheque book.

Assistant Treasurer                        Assist the Treasurer and will take over the Treasurer’s duties                                                                whenever the Treasurer is temporarily absent.

Public Relations Officer                 The role of a public relations officer is to promote the activities,                                                            convey the objectives and interests of the Club to the public                                                                through various forms of media.  The PRO shall liaise with the                                                              Club Secretary and/or Committee.

Additional non-Committee officers/roles that require election at the AGM;

Competition Secretary                   Responsible for collecting entries for all Club Competitions and                                                            external competitions, arranging for these to undergo                                                                            selection by the Selection Committee (external competitions)                                                                and presenting the entries to the judge(s) or competition                                                                      organiser.  The Competition Secretary is responsible for                                                                        reporting the competition result to the Club Committee,                                                                        retrieving the entries and returning entries to Club Members                                                                within 14 working days of a competition.

Score Keeper                                   Keep accurate scores for the Club’s internal competitions and                                                              notify the Chairperson or Secretary of 1st, 2nd and 3rd in                                                                      Photographer of the Year competition at least seven days                                                                      before presentation of prizes.

Web Master                                     Be suitably capable of overseeing/editing online content to                                                                    maintain consistency of layouts etc and maintain the                                                                              website.  The Webmaster is not responsible for compiling the                                                              data for the website, they are responsible for uploading to                                                                    and/or updating the website with information provided by                                                                    the Secretary or Chairperson.

Outings/Social Officer                    Inform the Club Committee of possible Outings/Events.  They                                                              shall also investigate suggestions for outings/events as                                                                          directed by the Chairperson, report back to the Club                                                                              Committee and assist the Club Committee in relation to any                                                                outings/events organised and/or social outings/events for the                                                              Club.

All the above roles shall be undertaken by active members of the Club.

No Club Committee Member shall carry out or attempt to carry out another Committee Member’s duties without the consent of the Club Committee.

No Club Committee Member shall communicate (internally/or externally) on behalf/or in the name of the Club in the capacity of another role without the consent of the Committee.

No Additional Non-Committee officer shall carry out or attempt to carry out another Committee Member’s duties without the consent of the Club Committee.

No Additional Non-Committee officer shall communicate (internally/or externally) on behalf/or in the name of the Club in the capacity of another Additional Non-Committee role without the consent of the Committee.

The Club Committee and Additional Roles shall be elected by oral nomination at the Annual General Meeting.  Any person wishing to nominate someone for a Committee Position should first have that person’s permission before nominations begin.  In the event of a contest for an office, the election of the office shall be by secret ballot.

Proxy voting is not allowed.  Officers so elected shall take office on the first of January of the year following the AGM and hold office until the last day of December of that year.  Officers so elected shall hold office for one Club Year and either step down or stand for re-election at the next AGM.

Committee Members may hold a position for a maximum of three consecutive years and a maximum of six years combined in any position on the Club Committee in a ten year period.

If any vacancy shall occur during the Club Year, the office shall be filled by the Assistant to that office and the Assistant office shall remain vacant.

In the event of an office with no Assistant Officer attached (PRO/Competition Secretary/Scorekeeper/Webmaster/Outings/Social Officer) becoming vacant during the Club’s Year, the office may remain vacant until the next AGM.

A temporary officer can be appointed by the Club Committee should the need arise before the next AGM should no other Club Committee member be able to take on the role until the next AGM.

In the case of an Assistant office becoming vacant, the position may remain vacant until the next AGM.  In the event that an Assistant to a position is required during a Club Meeting the Chairperson may nominate from the Club Members present a temporary Assistant for the duration of the meeting.

A meeting of the Club Committee shall be called by the Secretary at the discretion of the Chairperson or at the written request, giving the reason for the meeting, of not less than five members of the Committee.

The Club Committee shall meet no less than five times in a Club Year.

All proceedings of the Club Committee meetings shall be recorded and a brief written account/minutes also taken during the meeting by the Secretary.  The minutes should be circulated to the Club Committee members within three weeks of the meeting and/or a week before the next Club Committee meeting.  Any queries relating to the minutes to be submitted to the Secretary in writing no less than seven days before the next Club Committee meeting to allow time for the Secretary to recheck notes and recordings.

At all meetings of the Club Committee, 4 members shall form a quorum.

The Club Committee shall have power to remove a member of the Committee for “conduct unbecoming of a member“.  Such removal/dismissal shall require a two thirds majority.

All Club Committee members are required to RSVP to texts and confirm receipt of emails if requested by either the Club Secretary or Chairperson.  Any Club Committee member unable to attend a Club or Committee meeting is required to inform the Club Secretary or Chairperson.

All issues arising at any Club Committee meeting shall be decided by a majority of those present and voting at such a meeting.  In the event of a tie, the Chairperson shall have a casting vote.

No Club Committee Member shall be absolved from such general rules as in this document by reason of his or her not having read same, or any alteration made therein or having otherwise no notice of them.


The Club Committee shall appoint Sub-Committees from active Club Members, as may from time to time be deemed necessary.  Sub-Committee Members must consent to the appointment and shall not be appointed in their absence.

Sub-Committees shall only carry out duties assigned to them.  Sub-Committees do not make decisions on behalf of the Club.  Sub-Committees must report findings/suggestions to the Club Committee for the Club Committee to make the final decisions.  Sub-Committees may not make representations on behalf of/in the name of the Club without the consent of the Club Committee.

Sub-Committee procedures shall take place during Club Meetings but not outside of Club Meetings without the consent of the Club Committee.  The Club Committee shall determine the tenure and terms of reference and procedures of any such committees.

The Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is responsible for the selection of Club Members’ work to be entered into any external competitions or exhibitions entered by the Club.

The Selection Committee consists of the Competition Secretary, Score Keeper and five Club Members, who can also be members of the Club Committee.  Selection Committee members are elected at the AGM.  The Selection Committee reports back to the Club Committee.  The Selection Committee does not make decisions or representations in the name/on behalf of the Club without the consent of the Club Committee.

When selecting images for national and international competitions all selection committee members shall have an initial vote for short listing images followed by a numerical vote to form the basis of a panel.

Selection procedures shall take place during Club Meetings but not outside of Club Meetings without the consent of the Club Committee.

All nominations of external judges to preside over Club Competitions shall be approved by the Club Committee.


An Annual General Meeting of the Club shall take place in the second half of the month of November each year and be convened by the Club Committee on not less than twenty eight clear day’s written notice (email or post, not text alone) to all paid-up members of the Club.  Notice of AGM also to be posted on any online areas relating to the Club by the Secretary.

The business of the Annual General Meeting shall include;

Reading of the previous AGM’s minutes by the Secretary

The Chairman’s Address

The Secretary’s Address

The Treasurers Address and Presentation of Accounts

The election of Officers (Committee and non-Committee) for the coming year.

The election of the Selection Committee for the coming year.

Membership Fee will be agreed.

No member shall be elected to office or the Committee during his/her absence.

The Chairperson shall have a deliberative as well as a casting vote, provided they have cast their deliberative vote.

An auditor may be appointed at the Annual General Meeting.

Extraordinary General Meeting

An EGM shall be held within twenty-eight days of a written request of not less than nine Members or at any time at the discretion of the Club Committee.  The notice for such meeting shall not be less than seven clear days.


All complaints must be given in writing (not email/text) to the Chairperson within 14 working days of a complaint arising and signed by complainant.

The Chairperson shall convene a Club Committee meeting within ten working days of receipt of a complaint.

The Chairperson shall recommend a decision and/or action.

The recommendation can, by simple Majority of the Club Committee present, be accepted or rejected.  A written reply must be given to the complainant within seven days of the Club Committee’s decision.

Amendments to Club Constitution

Alterations or additions to this Constitution shall be subject to approval at an AGM or EGM of a resolution carried by not less than seventy five percent of the members attending and voting at any such meeting.  Members shall be given not less than fourteen clear days notice of the meeting and the resolution(s) to be considered at the meeting.


The Club Committee shall wind-up and dissolve the Club in the event of;

  • a seventy five percent majority decision at an AGM or EGM


  • the number of members falls below eight.

All online content shall be removed within one month of the Club being dissolved.

Any funds remaining in the Club’s Bank Account shall be donated to a local charity nominated by the Club Committee of the day.


Dates of any amendments passed to be added here at the end of the document.