Monthly Archives: January 2016

Club Meeting 12.01.16

12.01.16 Club Meeting

12.01.16 Club Meeting

We’re back!
To get us started off we’re going ‘Back To Basics’, Liam Good (Assistant Treasurer) will do a Tutorial on Basic Camera Settings. Bring your camera(s) and equipment and get stuck in. Bring the manual for your camera if you can.

Now the Christmas is over and you’ve looked at your family photos, you know you need some help so we are also having a practical on Group Photography.

We also will be setting out our Themes for 2016 and our first Theme will be judged on our last night of the month 26.01.16.

Annual membership is now €20 and is due before 31.01.16. Notifications will only be sent to members who are fully paid up by 31.01.16.

€3.00 for the Kitty each night indoors and always bring your camera!