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Theme Winners!

Theme Tattoos:

1st Place – Fiona Phelan

2nd Place – Lori Strang

3rd Place – Eddie Phelan

Well done to all, please view all entries here.


Club Meeting 29.09.15


29.09.15 Club Meeting Phelans

1 – MPG Competition Selection

Last chance to submit photos. As stated before, there’s no size requirement for the photos for the selection process for the MPG Competition later in the year. Actual competition size is A4. But we still need you to mix in some B+W with your colour photo. Members can submit 4 photos or more, but not flood the place! Any photos submitted already will naturally be up for selection.

2 – Judging Theme Tattoos
Remember: Our monthly Theme Photo size has been changed again so we now have the following acceptable sizes;
Any size in between!

Upcoming Themes are;
October – Windows
November – Embrace
December – Open Theme – Any photo of your choice

€3.00 for the Kitty